Dorit Oliver-Wolff
"Dorit's story is one of the most inspirational I have ever heard. The incredible twists and turns of her life are utterly compelling and will stay with you long after you finish her book." - Natalie Graham, Presenter, BBC South East
Dorit Oliver-Wolff
"The most remarkable thing about my story is that it is not fiction."
- Dorit Oliver-Wolff

Dorit Oliver-Wolff has led a remarkable life. Born a Hungarian Jew, she danced in front of the future king of Yugoslavia at just four years old; by six years old she was in hiding from the German soldiers who were rounding up and transporting her fellow Jews to concentration camps around Europe.

In her first book, From Yellow Star to Pop Star, Dorit recounts how she and her mother survived years of terror, with narrow escapes from capture and bombing raids plus betrayal by those she thought were her friends.

From Yellow Star to Pop Star - Available now!The Holocaust is just part of Dorit's incredible story. After the war, stateless and without papers, she joined a touring dance group in order to be permitted to leave the country. She studied by day and sang and danced in seedy night clubs by night until her life was turned around when a talent scout spotted her and she got a record deal. Almost overnight Dorit found herself on stage singing to the very German soldiers who were a threat to her survival just a few years previously!

A roller-coast ride followed, with all the trappings of stardom and success, but also all the problems of disastrous relationships and business deals. Finally, Dorit met her husband, Frank, and found happiness and stability at last.Dorit and Frank are still married and live in Eastbourne, East sussex, UK.

Leb wohl, Sweetheart (You're Gonna Miss Me)

Dorit is an accomplished public speaker and is dedicated to educating others about the consequences of the Holocaust. She has appeared in numerous interviews on local and national radio stations including the Saturday Live show on Radio 4, and was featured in a documentary for BBC One's Inside Out programme, (see home page), to mark the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust.
She has received various awards and nominations including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 and Resident of the Year in 2013.

In 2015 Dorit received one of the limited run of medals given out to Holocaust survivors by George Osbourne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer for her work with organisations that offer educational programmes about the Holocaust to their students.
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Dorit won the Services to Education Award at the Eastbourne Achievers Awards in April 2015. She works closely with the Holocaust Educational Trust, www.het.org.uk, working to raise awareness and understanding of the Holocaust and its relevance today.

Dorit is available for interview and is a lively and engaging speaker.
Contact Dorit directly by emailing her at

Sovereign FM Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011
Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony at the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne.
Left to right: My son, Mark. My daughter, Dessi. Me. And My husband, Frank.
Resident of the year!
Receiving the Resident of the Year award from The Eastbourne Herald newspaper. (Click the image to enlarge)
My Interview with BBC Radio 4 Live on the 13th April 2013. A photo taken at the BBC is on the right.

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At the BBC for my interview with presenters and other guests
Posing with the presenters and other guests at the BBC studio

On 28th June 2013, my interview with Danny Pike of Radio One Sussex was broadcast. I really enjoyed this interview. You can download the interview and listen to it by clicking here.
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I have appeared in two films, various television shows, and toured Europe as an international recording artist.

In 1989 I took part in BBC television's Treasure Hunt with Annabel Croft, reading the clue at a fashion show I'd organised at the Grand Hotel. Watch the YouTube clip here.

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