Dorit Oliver-Wolff
"I am a SURVIVOR. Death was not an option."

To book me for one of my popular talks please contact me directly: doritoliverwolff@hotmail.co.uk
My story is much more than being a child Holocaust survivor. While that is obviously a huge part of my life and should never, ever be forgotten, I became so much more than anybody ever could have expected and it is just one aspect of what shaped me.

I am often told by the people who have heard my story - both children and adults - that I am an example of how people should NEVER give up hope, and never stop reaching for their dreams.

There are not many of us Holocaust survivors left to talk about our real experiences. My talks are about my personal life experiences during the holocaust and surviving against all odds. I talk to the students at schools, colleges, and educational conferences - any audiences who wish to share with me my incredible journey.

I enjoy talking. My personality is one of positivity and humour, and this really shines through in every talk I give.

To discuss a booking email me at: doritoliverwolff@hotmail.co.uk
Dorit Oliver-Wolff
Smiling for the camera
The front and back of a promotional pamphlet. They called me 'The Voice'

Art imitating life. Here I'm leading a double life on the big screen. I was the '7th Man' in the movie and also played a Hungarian dancer/vocalist.

Cologne. 1959, at the opening
of a new nightclub/variety show.

I loved cars, but of course I had to learn how to fix an engine in case
I got stuck somewhere!

Dressed for The Hippodrome Show, (ITV, UK, possibly 1962), with twins who were a part of an acrobatic bicycle act.

1962. I love jazz, and this photo was taken at the premier jazz club of Hamburg at the time.

Signing autographs for fans in Germany. 1960

A certificate I signed for pupils to receive after one of my talks.

A photo of Frank and I with some of the students and staff of Brighton College, who had enjoyed hearing my story.

My public speaking and my remarkable story
of survival against all odds has brought me
to the attention of the media again.

Please contact me directly to discuss booking me to talk at a function: doritoliverwolff@hotmail.co.uk

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